Rugs Designed For Contemporary Homes

A rug effortlessly creates a mood changer for everybody. Having a design that can be visually appealing to the eyes and change the look to an already stunning apartment is great for any home owners.

When it comes to deciding on which rugs suit your humble abode, you might stress on numerous choices there is to choose from. Inreno has got you covered.


Here are our top 5 best selling rugs: 


1. Abstract Art Carpet

This abstract rug brings a formality not seen since previous ages. It's nameless face brings vivid imagination that transcends time and space. Timeless, puzzling and full of tasteful imagination for any psych seeing home owners out there.

2. Diatom Shower Mat
An exquisite minimal design mat that adapts to any environment. With it's natural material to be soak absorbent, anyone who steps on this mat is safe to walk around without a care of slipping up because of wet feet.

3. Diatom Soil Mat

The diatom soil mat created best for not only bathroom, but also to your doorstep as well. It's enthralling classical design leaves a lot to be wonder. The moment you take one step on this mat might bring you back to the roaring twenties leaving you as much jazz as to the next person beside you.

 4. Jump Rug

A rug that is as colorful as it is fun. Each block design for the appeal of a children's eye and created with its whimsical dazzling color. Instead of looking it as just a rug, it's also great to bond with your kids as each blocks are known to play hopscotch. So what are you waiting for? Hippity hoppity this is now my property!!

5. Line Circle Rug

Lines that are infinite but symmetrical that shows the beauty of this enchanting rug. It's creation is wild while making it neutral is a testament of how finely detail a simple rug can be. It's fitting design can be placed on simplicity household where either dark or light can fit to it's lucky household owners.